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What is Future Omro Chamber / Main Street Program?

Omro is proud to be one of Wisconsin's 30+ Main Street Communities. In August of 2011, Omro was announced as Wisconsin’s 37th Main Street Community.  The Main Street Program has been in the United States for over three decades and is found in over 2,000 communities in 37 states, including Wisconsin.  The Main Street Program utilizes the Four-Point Approach, which is a preservation-based economic development tool that enables communities to revitalize downtown and neighborhood business districts by leveraging local assets-from historic, cultural and architectural resources to local enterprises and community pride. Our downtown area is at the heart of the robust history of Omro and adds to the unique character of the City of Omro.

Future Omro hosts some of the largest annual events in Omro each year which include the Memorial Day Car Show and 4th of July Celebration. You can also join the fun at Facebook

Future Omro's Mission

Future Omro will work to enhance the quality of life in the community of Omro and strive to make it a place people and employers are proud to call home by maintaining historic integrity, and ensuring economic stability through integrated efforts in Organization, Design, Promotion and Business Focus.

How to Get Involved