Swimming Lessons

Swim Lesson Sign Up: 2024 Dates TBA

2023 Swim Lesson Dates
1st Session:    June 12th-June 29th
2nd Session:   July 10th-July 27th
3rd Session:    July 31st-August 17th

All Classes are run Monday-Thursday

Swimming Lesson Fee: $40    
Private Swimming Lessons: $60 for 4- 30-minute sessions

Private Lessons:
OFAC offers one-on-one private lessons. These lessons are offered in a four pack of half hour lessons for $60. Contact the pool manager for more information or to set up lessons.
Email: omropool [at] gmail.com or phone (May-Aug) 920-685-0781

Swimming Lesson Order:
Parent & Tot- (1-3 years old) parents help child with swim basics and comfort in water
Pollywog- (3-4 years old) swim basics and comfort in water, no parents in water
Jellyfish, Advanced Jellyfish- Start to the crawls, bobs and floating
Guppy, Advanced Guppy-Expand on crawls and floats, start on elementary backstroke
Starfish- kick and crawl w/o support, elem. backstroke, start sidestroke, breaststroke
Advanced Starfish- expand on endurance of crawls and kicks, further other strokes
Stingray-expand on endurance: kick 100 yds, crawls 50 yds, other 25 yds, butterfly 10 yd
Barracuda- details, flip turns, tread: crawls 100 yds, other 50 yds, butterfly 25 yds
Seals- correct details, turns, endurance: crawls 200 yds, others 100 yds, butterfly 50 yds
Pre-Lifeguard (session 3 only)- cover lifeguard prerequisites, cover rescues and removals

School District Eligibility:
Who is eligible for free swim lessons?
Any student enrolled or able to be enrolled in the Omro School District System. This includes:

  • Students who are able to enroll in 4K and older.
  • Students open enrolled in another district yet live within the Omro School District.
  • Students who are home schooled yet live within the Omro School District.​

What do I need to receive the free swim lessons?
Proof of enrollment (report card or letter from district) is required at time of swim lesson registration.  A representative from the school district will be at the scheduled registration sessions for you to obtain proof of enrollment.

Can I get a refund if I pay for the lessons and then submit the proof of enrollment afterwards?
NO.  There are absolutely no refunds given for the swimming lesson if proof of enrollment is given after the lessons have already been paid for.  Proof of enrollment MUST be presented at time of signing up for the lesson to have payment covered by the Omro School District.

Swimming Lesson Rules and Regulations:
There are three sessions of swimming lessons. Each runs Monday through Thursday for three weeks and is 40 minutes a day.

  • Parents may sign up for one session at a time, and must finish a session before signing up for another session
  • Class limits will be followed, no exceptions.
  • Parents are allowed on the deck but not in the water, except Parent Tot
  • Swim lessons may be cancelled due to weather, even fun days, and will not be rescheduled. Call OFAC or check Facebook for cancellations.