Election Workers


​City Clerk - Election Workers Recruitment

The City of Omro is always looking for Election Inspectors to enhance democracy by ensuring the integrity of the electoral process at the polls.  Qualified Election Inspectors must be residents of Winnebago County and attend a minimum of six hours of paid training to be certified to work at the polls. Six additional hours of training every two years is required to maintain certification.  The City of Omro will provide the necessary training.
Election Inspectors play a vital role at polling locations.  The experiences gained at the polls can be highly rewarding, challenging, interesting and personally satisfying.  Many of the City's Election Inspectors have worked in these positions for more than 15-20 years and find it is a great way achieve a feeling of community. 

Please consider employment as an Election Inspector. Your community support will help the city uphold the integrity of our elections. The City of Omro polling location for all districts is located at the Omro Area Community Center at 130 W. Larrabee Street.

Please contact City Clerk Barbara Van Clake to be considered for the Election Inspector position.  Contact (920) 685-7000 for more information on how you can become a patriotic part of the process for upholding our democracy on the front lines.