City Council Procedures

  • According to the city ordinances, the Council meetings are to be held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, usually starting with the workshop at 6:00 pm and followed by the Council meeting at 7:00 pm.  These times may be adjusted as necessary to meet scheduling needs and the time demands of scheduled agenda items.
  • Council agendas are posted on the Council Agenda and Minutes page under e-gov on the city website on the Friday before the council meeting as well as on the front window of city hall. 
  • The Omro City Council conducts their meeting according to ‘Roberts Rules of Order’.  
  • Citizens are welcome to attend all workshops and Council meetings.  A time to speak out is on the agenda at the 7:00 PM council meeting immediately following the roll call.  If you wish to have the Council respond to your discussion item, please contact the city clerk in the week prior to the meeting so your item may be placed on the agenda.  If you wish to be heard during one of the discussion items on the agenda, please raise your hand and wait for the Mayor to call on you.  You will be asked to come forward and state your name and address for the record prior to speaking.

At times the Council will convene in a closed session following the procedures within the state statutes.  This will be posted in advance on the Council agenda.  Citizens are asked to leave the council chambers during the closed session portion of the meeting. 
City Council meetings are videotaped whenever possible and posted on the Council Agenda and Minutes page under e-gov on the city website.  City Council minutes are also posted on this page after approval.