Park Rules & Regulations

Park Hours:  6:00 Am  - Midnight

Speed Limit 5 Mpg

Violaters Will Be Cited Per City Ordinances Chapter 12.24.010 (B) by the Omro Police Dept:

  • No Overnight Boat Mooring Except at Designated Sites.
  • No Boat Launching Without a Valid Permit.
  • No Camping Except in Designated Areas.
  • No Swimming in the Fox River Within the City Limits.
  • No Dogs Allowed Except in Designated Areas.
  • No Destruction or Removal of Park Property.
  • No Littering on Park Property or in the Fox River.
  • No Loud or Profane Music or Speech Allowed.
  • No Endangerment to Park Wildlife or Vegetation.
  • No Driving or Parking on the Grass.
  • No Fires Allowed Except in City Provided Fire Pits and Personal Grills That Does Not Result in Burning of Grass or Vegetation.
  • Fires Must Be Attended at All Times, Safely Distinguished, and Hot Ashes Disposed of Properly.
  • No Golf, Tennis, Archery or Projectiles on Park Property.
  • No Snowmobiles or Motorized Recreational Vehicles.
  •  No Fireworks, Firearms, Weapons or Explosives Allowed.
  • No Fish Cleaning or Disposal of Remains on City Park Property.
  • No Smoking in or Near Playground Perimeter.
  • No Placement of Signs or Advertising Posters in the Park.
  • No Vendors Allowed Without a Valid City Permit.
  • No Metal Detectors Used for the Purpose of Digging.
  • No Harassment of or Interference With a Valid Permit Holder.