Omro Area Development Corporation (OADC)

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Omro Area Development Corporation (OADC) and the Omro Industrial Park

Since the creation of the Omro Area Development Corporation, we have seen many changes to Omro as it continues to expand and grow which includes the Omro Industrial Park.

The Omro Industrial Park broke ground in the 1980s and rapidly attracted many eager entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand.  Since then, the Omro Industrial Park has expanded four times including the most recent in 2008.

Whether just starting out or expanding your business, are happy to assist you in finding the perfect Omro location. With our position on the edge of both a large employee market and the scenic beauty of Northeast Wisconsin, we offer the best of both worlds for you and your business.  We can work with you to provide assistance from the county and local governments; and each of our city employees will work hard to foster the close working relationship to help get you started.  We believe that this close relationship and hands-on cooperation provide the best chance for your company's long-term success.

For more information on the OADC or the Omro Industrial Park, contact Community Development Director Stephanie Kromm at 920-685-7000 or send email.