Outdoor Recreation Plan

Bridge over River


Parks, trails and open space are important elements in the quality of life for all communities. Not only do parks, trails, and open space provide a safe and healthy place to recreate, they also serve to beautify, protect the natural environment and influence the patterns of development in and around the community.

The City of Omro realizes the importance and benefits its parks, trails, and open spaces have on the community’s character and quality of life and is committed to providing for the recreational needs of current and future residents. This plan intends to guide the continual improvement of the City’s parks, trails, and open spaces and to maintain its eligibility for State and Federal park and recreation grants.

The plan is also intended to be a support document and component of the Omro Comprehensive Plan. This
plan along with Omro’s other long-range plans and development-related ordinances, will be used to guide improvements to the City’s system of parks and trails. 

Specifically the plan provides:

  • Information regarding demographic trends
  • An inventory of existing park and recreational facilities,
  • An analysis of parkland and recreational needs and demands,
  • General policy direction regarding park, open space, bicycle, and pedestrian facility planning and maintenance, 
  • Recommendations for improving existing park facilities and bicycle and pedestrian facilities,
  • Recommendations for new park, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and
  • Implementation strategies.

This plan identifies conceptual locations and recommendations for different types of parks, trails, natural
areas, and recreational facilities. In nearly every case, more detailed planning, engineering, study, budgeting, and discussions will be necessary before decisions are made to actually acquire land or construct recreational facilities.