ATV/UTV Routes

ATV/UTV routes

The City of Omro ATV/UTV routes are open from 7AM to 10 PM and are intended for recreational travel to and from other ATV/UTV routes located outside of the city, places of business, or other destinations along the city routes.  The routes are not intended for continuous circular travel.  Please respect neighboring properties and follow the rules on the back of this map. 

You may access the routes from your home by travelling directly to the nearest spot along the route using the shortest and most direct roadway.  Crossing or travelling on Highway 21 or Highway 116 at any point other than those listed is prohibited without permission from the Omro Police Department.  You may park in city owned lots on the south side of Highway 21 and walk to businesses on the north side.  You may access businesses on the south side of Highway 21 that are located between the trail and the highway.

​You must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate an ATV or UTV within the city limits.  See Section 7.20.030 (D) for other rules of operation.

If you have questions, please call the Omro Police Department at (920)685-7007.