Register Cat/Dog

Dog and Cat License Requirements 

The Law

Every cat and dog, 5 months of age or older as of January 1st each year, shall obtain a license within 30 days and must wear a current Winnebago County animal license tag.

City Ordinance

City of Omro's ordinance requires that all dogs and cats over five (5) months of age be licensed.  License renewals for all dogs and cats in Omro are due before March 31st  each year. 

Fulfilling Your Responsibility

Purchase an animal license tag in person and receive your animal tag immediately at:

Omro City Hall

205 S. Webster Avenue

Or mail your payment (with self-addressed stamped envelope) and receive your animal license tag within one to two weeks:

City of Omro

P.O. Box 399

Omro, WI 54963

To Purchase an Animal License Tag, Submit:

  • The animal's current rabies vaccination certificate, certified by a licensed veterinarian.  The certificate must show the date of when the rabies vaccination was given, the date when the next rabies immunization is due, the serial number of the vaccine and the manufacturer of the vaccine.
  • Written proof of your pet's spaying or neutering, if applicable. (if submitted previously, do not resubmit)
  • The correct licensing fee.  Make checks payable to:

        City of Omro

Animal License Fee for Dogs or Cats

  • Neutered/Spayed pet $10.00


Pet Owner's Responsibility

Pet owners have the responsibility to provide pets a healthy, safe life and their neighbors a pet free existence.  Omro animal ordinances underline this concept and, when obeyed, prevent serious consequences such as:

  • Injured, lost or stolen pets.
  • Aggravated or injured neighbors.
  • Animal bites.
  • Dangerous diseases, such as rabies.

Rabies Vaccination Tag

Every dog and cat must have a current vaccination against rabies and must wear their rabies tag.

  • Have a certified veterinarian inoculate your pet.
  • Dogs and cats shall be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian no later than 5 months of age. 
  • Each dog or cat vaccinated at less than 1 year of age shall be vaccinated again within 12 months after the initial vaccination.
  • After the initial rabies vaccination, every dog or cat shall be vaccinated at not more than 3 year intervals.
  • Attach your pet's rabies vaccination tag to their collar.
  • Save your pet's written rabies certificate.

If you do not license your pet prior to April 1st of each year, you could be issued a municipal fine from the police department for violating the city ordinance requiring you to register your dog or cat. 

  • Non-Neutered/Spayed pet $15.00
  • $5.00 penalty is due if paid after March 31st
  • Renew the animal license tag each year.  It is valid for one year from January 1 through December 31.
  • If you no longer have the pet, please call 685-7000, so that city records may be kept current.