Water & Sewer Bill Payments

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E-Pay online payments for Water & Sewer bills is now available!
You can now receive your water & sewer bill directly to your e-mail and pay your bill through your checking account or credit card.  Automatic payments can be set up that will pay the bill when it is due (10 days after receiving e-mail), eliminating the possibility of late fees! 

Payments are drawn from your account on the following dates if you sign up for autopay
January 25 (bill received by email on January 15)
April 25 (bill received by email on April 15)
July 25 (bill received by email on July 15)
October 25 (bill received by email on October 15)

If you don't like auto-pay, just log in and pay any portion of your bill at any time.  Our new system lets you see a history of your account, including previous bills, usage and payments. You do not need to sign up for auto-billing or auto-pay to see your history, so log in and check it out!

There is no fee for paying by check, but keep in mind there is a 3% charge for all credit card payments.


Utility Rates For A Single Family Residential Home:

Water Rates: 
Fixed Quarterly Fee - $18.00
Rate per 1000 gallons used - $2.95

Sewer Rates:
Fixed Quarterly Fee - $41.33
Rate per 1000 gallons used - $7.56
Quarterly Fire Protection Fee - $26.25

Utility Billing Payment Arrangements

You may contact the utility billing department to make payment arrangements at (920) 685-7000. The following payment form must be submitted and approved in order to obtain a payment plan.

Monthly Payment Agreement

If you are interested in paying your bill monthly through the mail or at the counter, we can calculate your average monthly payment and help you avoid unexpected bills and late payment charges.  This also works for those who want to work directly with their bill pay option at their bank to avoid bill paying hassles!