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Problems with your garbage & recycling pickup? Call GFL at 920-685-0771
If there are ongoing issues, please contact City Hall at 920-685-7000 & we will reach out to management.

Automated Garbage and Recycling Collection

Curbside garbage collection in the City of Omro is fully automated for both trash and single-stream recycling.  This means that a garbage truck will pull up to the curb in front of your residence and by use of a mechanical arm system, will pick up, dump and return your cart(s) to the curb.  You will use two 96-gallon wheeled carts to facilitate your trash and recycling collection.

Each cart has the City of Omro logo on them along with the appropriate Trash Only or Recycling Only indicators.  Each cart will also have a serial number embedded and assigned to your specific address.  This list of serial numbers and address identifiers will be available to the city in electronic format to research ownership of a particular cart, if necessary.

These carts will be owned and paid for by the residents.  The price of both carts is $136.00 including curbside delivery. A $50 fee will be applicable for maintenance and repair services. 

Each 96-gallon cart will hold an average of four 30-gallon garbage bags, as the bags are generally not filled to full capacity.  The city’s current collection ordinance allows for each residential household to place four 30-gallon garbage bags curbside each week.  Items in excess of this amount need to be contracted for pickup individually with Veolia Environmental Services.  This policy will not change with the new cart automated collection system.  If you find your household in need of trash collection in excess of what can be placed inside your 96-gallon cart, you will need to make special arrangements for pickup of the excess trash.  You should not place any trash items outside of your cart.  These items will not be picked up as part of your normal garbage collection service.

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The following websites offer additional recycling and waste reduction information to help Omro residents increase their recycling efforts and decrease their environmental impact on our community.

Hazardous Household Waste Disposal

Winnebago County Solid Waste operates a seasonal Household Hazardous Material Collection Facility open to Winnebago County residents. 

For more information on the Facility schedule and accepted materials, please visit the Winnebago County Solid Waste Management site.

​During the off-season Winnebago County residents may use the Brown County Hazardous Material Recovery Facility in Green Bay.  Brown County Hazardous Material Recovery also accepts farm and business materials.

Wondering how to dispose of a particular waste? Click HERE for the Winnebago County Waste Wizard

Winnebago County Waste & Recycling Guide

2023 Winnebago County Hazardous Waste Disposal 

DNR recycle compost

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