Well Operation

The State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) mandates that municipalities create a private well ordinance that requires private wells to be abandoned once municipal water is available and hooked up to the property.  However, the DNR and City of Omro do allow for continued uses, such as car washing and lawn watering, if the proper steps are taken and a well operation permit is obtained.  If your well was not abandoned at the time of connection, or you just became aware of the wells existence, the well must either be abandoned per Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 112, or a well operator’s permit must be obtained.  This permit is good for five (5) years.  A renewal for the permit may be made, provided the owner reapplies for the permit prior to the five year expiration date.  If renewal does not occur prior to the expiration date, then the well must be abandoned according to Wisconsin DNR regulations. 

Well Operation Permit
To obtain a well operation permit, the following items must be submitted to the City of Omro:

  • A completed well operation permit application form.  The application must indicate what the well will be used for.
  • Safe water sample results by a certified laboratory, not more than one (1) year prior to application date.  The water sample must be tested for Coliform Bacteria and E Coli.
  • Verification from City of Omro Utility Personnel that no physical connection exists between the piping of any water utility system and the private well.
  • A signed affidavit from a licensed plumber which certifies that the well conforms to Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 112.
  • Permit fee of $50.00
  • Bring your completed application, supporting documentation, and payment to City Hall located at 205 S. Webster Ave. in the City of Omro.

Well Operation Renewal forms may be picked up at City Hall, 205 S. Webster Ave. in the City of Omro, or you can access them below.